ExamWorks Group Service Portfolio

ExamWorks Group, Inc. provides a portfolio of Independent Medical Examination and Review Services for a wide range of insurance lines including bodily injury, automobile, workers' compensation, disability and federal insurance programs. Our service portfolio includes Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Peer Reviews and Bill Review Services. Evidence-based medical findings, objectivity and customized service are fundamental elements in all of our services.

Our clients utilize independent review services to evaluate health care claims for accuracy and legitimacy. The ExamWorks Group service portfolio responds to the urgent claims evaluation needs of our clients including the identification of unnecessary services, inappropriate charges, misrepresentations and abuse. We share a common vision: effective, thorough and independent medical review.

Our goal is to facilitate medical cost containment while upholding the professional and fiscal integrity of health care services. Our understanding of the varied needs of the participants is embedded in our customer-focused culture. We work closely with clients to develop customized service offerings and processes that meet a specific need, corporate requirements and regulations.


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