Crossland Medical Review Services wants you to know that we are always a phone call away to assist you. Our mission is to make this process simple and straightforward. Below are some of the frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please call 1-800-335-0975 so we can assist you.

Q. What is Crossland Medical Review Services and how are they involved in my case?

A. Crossland Medical Review Services is a provider of third-party medical assessment services. We were authorized by the insurance company to arrange an independent medical exam (IME) for you. We handle the scheduling of the exams. We keep all concerned parties of the case notified by copying them on appointment notices. We help with all of your needs concerning the appointment scheduling and general customer service support.

Q. I received notice about a doctor's appointment. What is it about?

A. More than likely, you have a claim pending; this may be due to an automobile accident, workplace injury or disability claim. The insurance company that is covering your claim would like to have you examined by an independent consultant.

Q. Do I have to attend the exam? What will happen if I do not go?

A. Regardless of the type of insurance under which the injury falls, the policy may stipulate and mandate attendance at the exam. It is up to the insurance company to determine the action. However, failure to attend could result in a loss of your benefits.

Q. Will I receive treatment when I go the exam?

A. The independent doctor or licensed consultant will only perform a non-invasive evaluation. No treatment of any kind will be proffered at the evaluation. You will be asked to fill out a history form and discuss your condition and/or accident with the doctor or licensed consultant. Photo identification will be verified.

Q. Who will pay for time I miss from work? How will I get to the exam location?

A. Reimbursement for lost wages and travel expenses is dependent upon your insurance company. Contact your insurance company for the terms and conditions of their policy. It is your responsibility to get to the examiner's office. Remember to keep your receipts for possible reimbursement.

Exam Reminders:

Please bring photo identification, driver's license, student or school identification, passport or immigration identification.

Please be prompt. If you think you are going to be late or are having trouble finding the exam office please call our office 1-800-335-0975.

If you have recent medical records of MRI or X-ray images please bring them with you.

If you are under the age of 18, parents or legal guardian are required to be in attendance at the exam.

Any and all other questions please call 1-800-335-0975 or e-mail

Complaints and Appeals

Crossland Medical Review Service is concerned about sustained quality. If you would like to inform us of a problem

or difficulty you experienced with Crossland or a member of our service team, please submit a written description of what happened to:

Crossland Medical Review Service
Attention: President
PO Box 8001
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Please indicate your name claim number and Crossland file ID number and mark the outside of the envelope "CONFIDENTIAL".


Crossland is an independent review organization and does not make decisions regarding claims matters or payments. To obtain information on how to file an appeal please review your insurance policy, consult with the insurance carrier handling the claim or the state insurance department where the claim was filed.


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